Inyati prides itself in the safari guiding team and we believe that an
experienced ranger and tracker are an integral part of your game viewing experience.

All of our rangers and trackers are registered with FGASA and have a full
Trails guide qualification as a minimum requirement. Your ranger will be your dinner host, guide and educator during your stay.

George Hlongwane

Georgie is a living legend in the reserve. He was born on the property and as a result started honing his bush craft skills as a toddler. George is still living and working on the reserve with his family. Tracking and anticipating animal movements and behaviour is second nature to George and his guests are guaranteed to be where action is taking place.

Keith Jenkinson

Keith studied to become a conservationist and moved to the Kruger Park after qualifying, here he fell in love with guiding and furthered his career as a field Guide. Keith loves tracking big game, and all the small wonders the Sabi Sand has to offer.

Omega Godi

Like most of the best guides Omega started his career as a tracker. This moulded his understanding of the animals he lives and works with. Omega quickly moved through the ranks and is now a trails Guide at Inyati. Omega brings a huge amount of energy to the team with a larger than life bubbly personality.

Solly Sibuyi

Solly is one of the most respected trackers in the reserve. His immense trailing talent is evident in his relaxed yet confident approach to tracking. He is one of a handful of trackers that managed full marks on his first ever tracking assessment and has been growing even stronger since.

Diff Marimane

Diff is an elder brother in a family of legendary Rangers and Trackers. Diffs father was a property manager in the Sabi Sand who passed his wealth of bush knowledge to his sons at a young age creating a foundation for excellent guiding skills. Diff has tracked and Guided in many of the Lodges within the Sabi Sands constantly honing his skills. Even though Diff is immensely experienced his humble nature friendly smile makes him a sought after guide.

Gabriel Keet

Gabriel was introduced to the Sabi Sand by his uncle, a well renowned guide. This ignited a passion for wildlife that Gabriel decided to turn into a career. Growing up in the beautiful Western Cape Gabriel was always drawn to nature, he studied to become a guide and was employed in the very reserve where his uncle first introduced him to the bush. Gabriel has since joined the Inyati guiding team and his energy, knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious.

Gert Jacobus Smit

Gert was born in Namibia but grew up on a farm in Vrede South Africa where his love of the land and nature was cultivated form a young age. Gert attended Grey College Bloemfontein well known for sculpting upstanding young men. After school, Gert studied at the Eco Training Guiding school where he qualified as a Trails Guide. He kicked off his Guiding Career in Botswana and thereafter moved to the northern Sabi Sand and the Kruger National Park. Gert is a passionate guide with a knack for photography and birding.

Nelson Valoi

Nelson has over 30 year tracking experience at Inyati and has an intricate knowledge of the land, and knows most of the animal’s individual habits. His local knowledge, tracking skill, sparkling personality and work ethic make him a privilege to be with.

Roger Hlongwane

Roger is one of the most multi skilled trackers in the team. He has strong tracking and hospitality background and treats every guest like gold. His tracking skills and passion for the bush enthrals every guest that he guides.

Joel Mkhabela

Joel has been with Inyati for almost twenty years he has a quiet calm demeanour that suits his profession perfectly. He loves every aspect of the bush but tracking and spending time with guests are his firm favourites.

Cliff Ndlovu

Cliff came to Inyati after finishing top of his class at the Tracker Academy. His tracking skill meant that he slotted into this experienced team very well and his fresh and youthful perspective motivates the old salt.