Our Impact

Help Save Our Rhinos

South Africa, with the largest population of rhinos in the world, is critically important to the survival of rhino conservation. The senseless slaughter of these iconic animals has reached a crisis point and, if the killing continues at the current rate, we could witness the extinction of this species in the next 20 years. With market prices for rhino horn fetching staggering levels, we face the continuous onslaught of ruthless poachers, willing to do anything for the money paid by powerful syndicates whose greed is perpetually fuelled by demand. We need to escalate our fight against poachers and syndicates. This involves the acquisition of intelligent technology, access to manpower and skilled personnel around-the-clock, and specialist resources for surveillance and apprehension purposes. All which come at exorbitant costs.Inyati led the fundraising for the purchase of the Sabi Sands anti-poaching helicopter.

Make a Difference

Through a voluntary Guest Conservation Contribution, every visitor has the opportunity to protect the reserve’s endangered rhino population.

Contributions will be collected from the Inyati guests on departure and are distributed through prescribed channels to the Sabi Sand Nature Conservation Trust. All transactions are independently audited by KPMG, and a section 18A certificate is available on request.

The Sabi Sand Nature Conservation Trust is a Non Profit, Public Benefit Organisation established to engage in conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the natural environment. Funds raised through Inyati will be allocated directly to the rhino related expenses of the anti-poaching and response teams both in the air and on the ground.

Please help us to ensure that future generations do not look at ours and say that a species vanished from the earth on our watch.


Inyati is involved with numerous community projects; together with many of our neighbouring lodges we believe community upliftment is an integral part of conservation. Our guests have also made generous donations, either monetary or by sending care packages of old clothing, books, crayons, toys etc. Inyati assists in a small way by providing monthly groceries to help ensure the children get adequate nourishment and by sourcing equipment they may need e.g. sewing machines, wheelchairs etc.

We are able to organise community tours of local villages, where you can enjoy an authentic Shangaan / Tsonga experience.

Connecting Communities