🌿 #SafariHighlights: Nature’s spa – the mud bath.

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#SafariSights: “On the hot African days, witness the wisdom of the wild as buffaloes indulge in nature’s spa – the mud bath. These mighty beasts use the cooling mud to beat the heat, a natural sunscreen and insect repellent. It’s a mud makeover, safari style!

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#SafariInsight: “Meet the ‘Dagga Boy’ – the term affectionately given to the solitary, often older African buffalo. These rugged survivors, named after the mud (dagga) they wallow in, are a testament to strength and resilience in the wild. Witnessing a Dagga Boy is to see a story of survival written across the African landscape.

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🌿 #SafariHighlights: “On safari, encountering a herd of buffalos is a moment of awe and respect. These powerful creatures, moving in unison, symbolize strength in numbers and the intricate social bonds of the wild. Watching them graze, play, and protect each other is a profound reminder of nature’s interconnectedness.

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