#SafariForTheSoul Leopards of the Sabi Sands

Leopards are known for their climbing abilities and are often seen resting or sleeping in trees.

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We spent the morning with this young female leopard. She made a few hasty attempts at hunting impala and then decided to enjoy the spring breeze from the comfort of a Marula tree.

Climbing trees provides leopards with a safe and elevated vantage point from which they can survey their surroundings and avoid potential threats. Being in a tree reduces their vulnerability to predators such as lions, hyenas, and other large carnivores, which are less skilled at climbing.

Leopards often stash their kills in trees to keep them away from scavengers like hyenas and vultures. Sleeping in a tree near their kill helps ensure that they can protect their food source.

Marula trees are just one of many tree species that leopards may choose for these purposes. The specific tree selected by a leopard can depend on factors like its location, the availability of suitable trees, and the individual leopard’s preferences. Climbing and resting in trees are behaviors that have evolved as part of the leopard’s adaptation to its environment and hunting strategy.

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