Experience an exceptional safari in the African wilderness.
The perennial Sand River with its golden African sunshine and cool, shady hideaways runs through Inyati. At night, wildlife sounds fill the star-studded sky. Lions roar, jackals howl and hyenas laugh. African drums respond.

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The Sabi Sand Wildtuin has changed name to the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

Inyati Game Lodge itself lies within the Western sector of the famed, now named, Sabi Sand Nature Reserve which was named after its two boundary rivers – the Sand and Sabie Rivers.

Experience an exceptional safari in the African wilderness.

The commitment to the sustainable management of this pristine wilderness area between the Sabi and Sand Rivers, and the work with community partners, supports the ongoing wildlife conservation work including rigorous anti-poaching efforts. The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve has gained international recognition for its collaborative approach to protecting endangered species and ensuring that this unspoiled area retains its unique character for many generations to come.

Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve exists to protect and conserve the Sabi Sand ecosystem.

By protection, we mean maintaining what is already here: a remarkably intact piece of Lowveld wilderness and the incredible biodiversity it supports.  This includes anti-poaching patrols, and environmental education outreach programmes that help more people to appreciate the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

Conserving what we’ve been able to protect is vital to our stated objective of creating and a sustainable legacy of conservation.  It is our hope that our actions today will resonate with, and inspire, future generations.

Carefully managed, the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve can be a resource and a sanctuary indefinitely – a powerful link to our shared past, and a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

By working together both locally and globally, we can help others to replicate the success of the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve and contribute to a growing collective consciousness of the importance of intact ecosystems for the people and wildlife that depend on them.

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