Inyati Game Lodge Awarded Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence For Five Consecutive Years
May, 20, 2015


 Inducted into ‘Hall of Fame’ of Five-time Certificate of Excellence Winners on the World’s Largest Travel Site

 SABI SAND GAME RESERVE, MPUMALANGA, SOUTH AFRICA – 20th , May, 2015 – Inyati Game Lodge today announced that it has been recognised as a TripAdvisor® Certificate of...

April 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt – The woes of lions
April, 30, 2015

The dust hasn’t settled on the passing of the Othawa sub-adults, when and in the meantime the Ximungwe females have followed suit. Both killed separately by the Othawa females. They leave behind the sub-adults, three females and the male. They were last seen full up on Impala. It is time for them to stand up on their own four feet and prove the genes of the Selatis are strong. The Othawas and...

February 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt
March, 25, 2015

 So at some point in this year it was January, the next thing I know a cycle has flown by and February came to an end. Admittedly February is a short month but it seems to have flown past. We still have had no rain and the bush is prematurely turning the beautiful blonde colour that suggests the rain might not come this season. The last few years have seen really plentiful with rain and when I...

Inyati Announces New Head Chef – Cecilia Mnisi
March, 25, 2015

Cecilia’s unique fusion of global and African culinary influences will no doubt elevate the Inyati safari experience to new heights.

With 20 years’ experience Cecilia is no stranger to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve having worked as a sous chef at Singita and head chef at Lion Sands. Cecilia was part of the opening team of the award winning Orange restaurant in...

Pack for a Purpose
February, 28, 2015

Help Us Make A Difference

Inyati Game Lodge is proud to partner with Pack for a Purpose, an organization connecting travellers with communities in need in the places they visit, one vacation at a time.

What Is Pack For A Purpose?
Founded by husband and wife, Scott and Rebecca Rothney, Pack for a Purpose is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping travellers make an impact in the...

January 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt
January, 31, 2015

Giraffe are vulnerable to predators when drinking, here she had the rest of the journey looking own for any danger.

There still hasn’t been a drop of rain. Only the most stubborn of mud wallows still has water and most of the reserve is dry. The crests between the drainage lines are always the first to show the signs of drying out and the bush is not as thick as it could be. It is still...

December ’14 Field Guide Report by Matt
January, 05, 2015

Everything is green and lush and having finally seen the carmine bee-eaters all the migrating birds are present and accounted for. The Red-billed Quelea’s are flocking which for me is sign of subtle change, when everything is at its most plentiful. I can’t help feeling though that we have been a little cheated with regards to rain this season, and the river only came up once.


Richard Branson: Rhino poaching can be crushed
December, 28, 2014

Richard Branson: Rhino poaching can be crushed.

RICHARD BRANSON:  Africa’s rhinos are facing a real crisis.  In 2012, 660 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone.  Some lose their horns whilst still alive, only to later die from the wounds.

Rhino horn is used in traditional Asian medicine for a range of ailments.  In the past 40 years, rhino populations have declined 95 percent...

November ’14 Field Guide Report by Matt
November, 28, 2014

Resting Giraffe

So with much pomp and ceremony, there has been very little rain. A few showers here and there but nothing significant. Instead of sweltering heat followed by thunderstorms which I have been expecting. It has been chilly in the mornings although I refuse to wear a fleece this time of the year on principal. The bush has turned green but everything seems to be on standby for some...

Ebola: is safari travel still safe? Written by Angela Aschmann
October, 28, 2014

Ebola is a scary illness. The very words 'haemorrhagic fever' sounds like something out of an apocalypse movie. Africa needed the world to know about the outbreak so that we could work together to stop it spreading. And, make no mistake, we are winning the war on this virus.

But with all the information out there, it's become harder to tell fact from fiction. Many videos, articles and...

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