Inyati Game Reserve, sights from the bush by David Batzofin
July, 18, 2015

Inyati Game Reserve, sights from the bush.

The bar area in the early morning before game drive.
Everyone was in the room next door,
drinking coffee and eating muffins before setting off.

No time to sit and ponder at 06h00...
Save that for the post drive "de-briefing"!

This elephant had wandered...

Hyena at Inyati Game Reserve…not ‘Lion King’ gangsta’s by David Batzofin
July, 17, 2015

Hyena at Inyati Game Reserve...not 'Lion King' gangsta's

While on our drive towards the Spotted Hyena den,
we had some wonderful bird sightings.
This is a Brown Hooded Kingfisher.

One of my all time favourite raptors,
the Bateleur, which means acrobat in French.
There is a move to try and...

Well spotted! Leopards galore at Inyati Game Reserve by David Batzofin
July, 16, 2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015 : Well spotted! Leopards galore at Inyati Game Reserve

THIS is what visitors to Sabi Sands come to see...
This youngster is around 15 months old.
It lazed in the tree for the longest time before deciding to come down.
It is one of the cubs that belong to Thlangisa.


Inyati Game Reserve, Sabi Sands by David Batzofin
July, 14, 2015

Inyati Game Reserve, Sabi Sands

Having returned from the heat of Dubai the night before,
I was looking forward to cooler weather while in Sands Sands.
The sky was grey and overcast, boding well for more reasonable temperatures.
I was wrong as it turned out...
The skies remained clear and unseasonably warm...

Inyati Game Reserve…the accommodation and a lot more by David Batzofin
July, 14, 2015

Inyati Game Reserve...the accommodation and a lot more.

This is the view form my seat on our game drive vehicle...
I believe that when I am in a reserve, my accommodation
is only used for sleeping and showering.

Keith was our ranger,
and he is the General Manager of the Lodge.
So, we were very lucky...

Traveling with a Child to South Africa – New Laws
June, 19, 2015

Planning on traveling to South Africa with your child? If so, it’s super important to keep in mind South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs’ new laws pertaining to traveling with minors (children under the age of 18). The new laws were effective on June 1, 2015 and were put in place in order to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) child trafficking across South African borders.

But the laws...

May 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt
May, 27, 2015

The cheetah is a unique felid, with its closest living relatives being the puma and jaguarundi of the Americas. This cat is notable for modifications in the species' paws, being one of the few felids with only semi-retractable claws

It was warm on the last evening of autumn, it had been very hot for a few days and so we all new a cold front was coming. It didn’t make the temperature drop...

Inyati Game Lodge Awarded Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence For Five Consecutive Years
May, 20, 2015


 Inducted into ‘Hall of Fame’ of Five-time Certificate of Excellence Winners on the World’s Largest Travel Site

 SABI SAND GAME RESERVE, MPUMALANGA, SOUTH AFRICA – 20th , May, 2015 – Inyati Game Lodge today announced that it has been recognised as a TripAdvisor® Certificate of...

April 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt – The woes of lions
April, 30, 2015

The dust hasn’t settled on the passing of the Othawa sub-adults, when and in the meantime the Ximungwe females have followed suit. Both killed separately by the Othawa females. They leave behind the sub-adults, three females and the male. They were last seen full up on Impala. It is time for them to stand up on their own four feet and prove the genes of the Selatis are strong. The Othawas and...

February 2015 Field Guide Report by Matt
March, 25, 2015

 So at some point in this year it was January, the next thing I know a cycle has flown by and February came to an end. Admittedly February is a short month but it seems to have flown past. We still have had no rain and the bush is prematurely turning the beautiful blonde colour that suggests the rain might not come this season. The last few years have seen really plentiful with rain and when I...

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