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Sam Branson and Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe Wedding
March, 18, 2013

The wedding of the year: Sam Branson weds Isabella Calthorpe in a spectacular safari extravaganza

Sources say the couple — who have been dating for seven years — are marrying under a Marula tree at Nelson’s Koppie (a koppie is a rocky granite hill — why it is named ‘Nelson’s’ is unknown) which is on the nearby Inyati Private Game Reserve. It was a spot selected by Sam and...

The nearly royal wedding – IOL Tonight |
March, 11, 2013

The nearly royal wedding - IOL Tonight |...

Garden orb web spider
February, 07, 2013

A female garden orb web spider on her web. Note the stitch like Stabilimentum in front of the spider. This structure in the spiders web has been widely debated and many theories have surfaced as a result. It used to be believed that the structure stablilizes the web, more recently a theory that the stablilimentum actualy reflects UV light to attract insects was also investigated. The most widely...

A close encounter with Dayone leopard
February, 07, 2013

A close encounter with Day...

African Pygmy-Kingfisher
February, 07, 2013

This juvinile African Pygmy-Kingfisher flew into a window at the lodge, and was rescued by the housekeepers. After a few minutes of TLC it flew off...

Nsunguti / January – 2013 Wildlife Journal
February, 04, 2013

The weather: We had some good rains again this January, dropping a drenching 170mm in 1 day. Most of the rains came in the form of afternoon thundershowers. We experienced another flood this year. The Sand river has been transformed into a mighty torrent of water and many of the smaller drainage lines were not crossable .The area is really looking very green and lush at the moment. Temperatures...

Days of our lives……
January, 31, 2013

Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve Slideshow: Inyati’s trip to Inyati Private Game Reserve was created with TripAdvisor...

N’wendzamhala – December 2012 Wildlife Journal
January, 28, 2013

The weather: Nwendzamhala is Shangaan word for December it translates to “the visits of impalas”.  During this month life seems to explode in this part of the world. We have had a good amount of rainfall, interspersed with sunny days, creating that characteristically crisp, clear air that adds an edge of brightness to our world. The bush is infused with the wonderful aroma of the earth...

A mother’s devotion – Keith Jenkinson
January, 24, 2013

On the morning of the 21st of January 2013 the sand river was still flowing with gusto after a downpour of 233mm of rain, Obed Mkhabele the renowned Inyati waiter noticed an elephant calf washing down the Sand river. He also noticed a large elephant cow swimming after her calf. His excited screams summoned all the staff on duty to the veranda to witness the event.

At first there was an eerie...

Hyena challenge
January, 07, 2013

The diversity of experiences in the bush is clearly depicted in the last few posts, from gentle motherly love to uninhibited ferocity. This clan of hyenas was found feeding on an impala ram. As the meat was being depleted a large female took the carcass, ran off to pan and dunked it under water in an attempt to hide it, and have the spoils to herself. The only hyena bold to challenge the presumed...

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