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Hyena challenge
January, 07, 2013

The diversity of experiences in the bush is clearly depicted in the last few posts, from gentle motherly love to uninhibited ferocity. This clan of hyenas was found feeding on an impala ram. As the meat was being depleted a large female took the carcass, ran off to pan and dunked it under water in an attempt to hide it, and have the spoils to herself. The only hyena bold to challenge the presumed...

Hlabankunzi female leopard and cub
January, 03, 2013

Inquisitive little leopard! Hlabankunzi and cub this morning.

The sounds emitted from the safari vehicle when guests first sight this little one is something else. The cub is met with a barrage of “oohs” and “aahs” and rightfully so; it is downright adorable.

BIG HUG! Mother's love, Hlabankunzi female leopard and...

Selati male lions – Sabi Sand Wildtuin
December, 25, 2012

Christmas morning with the Selati male lions.Timeless!

The Selati Males are a coalition of four lions born into the Southern Pride in 2007 and 2008 and sired by the Golf Course males.

For anybody who spends a considerable length of time in an ecosystem such as the Sabi Sand, it is always fascinating to witness the constant state of flux in the dynamics of the lion prides and coalitions within...

Curious impala lambs
December, 22, 2012

Curious impala lambs

November and December, as usual, heralded the arrival of the first newborn impala lambs. These delightful little treasures with spindly legs, clear wide eyes and large...

Congratulations to Khimbini. We are proud of you!
December, 13, 2012

Top 25 Photographs from the Wilderness #2

Top 25 Photographs from the Wilderness...

Indaba Interview
December, 07, 2012

Indaba Interview

We talk to Keith and Pete of Inyati Private Game Reserve in South Africa about the work they are doing to combat rhino poaching. 210 rhino have been shot and they are losing more rhinos than are being born and if it continutes rhinos are probably heading for extinction in the next 3-4 years!
Hear about the amazing work Inyati together with other lodges in the area are doing...

Hukuri – November 2012 Wildlife Journal
November, 30, 2012

The weather: November is a magic time to visit the bush, as Mother Nature goes through an elegant state of chaos. The month started off hot and dry with only little sign of rain. It was only later in the month we witnessed the afternoon build-up of rain clouds becoming more pronounced until finally some thunderstorms came rolling in from the south-east and bathed the landscape around the Reserve...

Nhlangula – October 2012 Wildlife Journal
November, 28, 2012

The weather: We have had an amazing October at Inyati - we experienced a lot of really warm days with temperatures reaching highs of 39° C but we also had a few thunder showers which have caused the vegetation to explode into summer bloom, with many trees sharing their colourful and fragrant flowers with us.

The Wildlife: We have been spoilt with many sightings of the predators, general game...

Inyati Game Lodge – Photos
November, 26, 2012

Inyati Game Lodge -...

Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust
November, 05, 2012

Many Sabi Sand Wildtuin members have been involved in development initiatives working in the neighbouring communities for many years and what has already been achieved through their efforts is remarkable. To unlock the potential of a more coordinated, strategic approach, the Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust (SSPT) was established as a joint venture of all the existing agencies (lodges and...

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