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Wildlife Journal October 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
October, 31, 2011

Summer is definitely here in the lowveld of Mpumalanga as daytime temperatures climb into the low 40s (Celsius). Dark and ominous rainclouds have filled the afternoon sky on the odd occasion, but we only had few showers so far just enough to transform the bush into brilliant green, the big rains are yet to come. The bush is still thin, In light of this, game viewing is amazing and guests don't...

A Journey With Giraffe by Keith Jenkinson
October, 24, 2011

Africa is home to many iconic animals, and people flock from all corners of the globe to see and study these animals in their natural habitat. At first visitors are enthralled by the so called “big 5”, the usual suspects - one could say.

The term big five was first used by President Theodore Rooseveldt who often hunted in southern Africa and as a result grew to respect the dangers the Lion,...

Wildlife Journal September 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
September, 30, 2011

The month of September heralds the change of seasons at Inyati Game Reserve. It is a month of many colours, tones and shades. The ground offers up a tapestried carpet of autumnally coloured fallen leaves, with swathes of tiny purple flowers of the Bolusanthus speciosus trees, bright yellows of the Acacia nigrescens flowers and the electric greens of the kigelias. Everywhere there is life budding...

Wildlife Journal August 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
September, 03, 2011

Summer has finally arrived and the first migratory birds have returned from the winter vacations bringing with them warmer days .The water level has dropped considerably in Sand River and most of our water holes and we are seeing a lot of birdlife on the fringes of the water ways looking for food sources. The afternoons have been warm we had couple of days where the temperature reached 38°C....

Wildlife Journal July 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
July, 31, 2011

Inyati Game Lodge continues to surprise and tantalise us. Situated in arguably one of the best game viewing areas in the Africa, it’s a delight of being part of a park of about 22 OOO km² or approx. 2.2 million ha. There is no doubt that we have an incredible variety of animals and birds in the area, both nocturnal and diurnal. The leopards, hyenas and lion calls that ring so clearly and so...

Painted Predators by Keith Jenkinson
July, 28, 2011

Painted predators

The spirit of “Ubuntu” is a philosophy that is on many a South Africans’ lips these days. The philosophy is based on all humans being interdependent irrespective of race, creed or social status. In short it boils down to the thought pattern of “I am because you are”. Few people realise how dependant we are on each other on every level of life and this impacts our...

Wildlife Journal June 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
June, 27, 2011

The last of the rains have fallen and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful shades of orange and red and covering the ground below them. We have had the most glorious weather during June and we are waiting in anticipation for a really cold snap to arrive. Although there is a definite nip in the air in the early mornings and evenings, the daytime temperatures have been enjoyable....

Wildlife Journal May 2011
May, 27, 2011

May is here, the dawn chorus permeates the lowveld of Mpumalanga in the crisp air and easterly breeze that herald winter's beginning. The daily temperatures this month were very pleasant with days rising to a balmy 26°C and dropping to 13°C at night. The days have been clear and the light for photography wonderful but the summer rains are reluctant to let the bush die down. No one is...

Insight to Secrets – Keith Jenkinson
May, 15, 2011

LeopardInsight to secrets by Keith Jenkinson

Humans have always been fascinated by all of the world’s cats and the relationship dates back as far as 7 500 BC, a shallow grave of a
human and a cat was found in Cyprus both ceremoniously buried facing west with
stone tools and sea shells indicating some kind of early symbiotic relationship. The relationship between humans and cats has always...

Wildlife Journal April 2011 by Khimbini Hlongwane
April, 26, 2011

At the onset of April it seemed bit cooler than March but did not last long and the temperatures rose quickly. Early morning temperatures have been chilly, down to about 17-20°C but warming up during the day to a pleasant 25-29°C. We have also been having strong blustery winds around midday, Sightings were great, and guests came back with interesting tales from the drive and walking...

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