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RHINO FACT FILE: Rhino Action Group Effort
April, 28, 2012

What is the problem?

By the end of October 2011, over 350 rhinos had been killed by poachers. Most of these were in the Kruger National Park. Last year, 333 rhinos were killed illegally by poachers, 10 were black rhinos which are critically endangered. This total death count is nearly three times more than in 2009.

Poaching is being carried out by well-organised criminal networks that are...

Nyenyankulu: March 2012 – (End of an era) Wildlife Journal
March, 31, 2012

The weather this month was perfect. The afternoon showers provided a refreshing relief from the warm days and cleared the air to reveal stunning blue skies. The hint of cloud remaining on the skyline provided us with the backdrop for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The clear skies allowed the stars to be enjoyed as we dined in boma and shonalanga (bush dinner site) watching the...

R.I.P Mr T
March, 16, 2012

Love him or hate him the infamous short maned male in the Mapogo coalition earned the respect of his harshest critis this morning. True to his caracter he fought alone to protect his territory, an ageing lone male against four bristling new...comers.  Unfortunately the outcome was inevitable and the death of Mr T  all but ends the reighn of the  Mapogo. He went honorably and for that we salute...

Nyenyenyani : February 2012 Wildlife Journal
February, 29, 2012

It was another stunning summer month at Inyati Game Reserve this February. Impressive rains are continuing to sustain the thousands of antelope gathered on the dams and rivers. We have had very varied weather over the month, with wind, quick showers and then sunshine, sometimes we got all in one day. We have also had a few thunderstorms and some good showers Sabi Sand is as green, pristine and...

Nsunguti : January 2012 Wildlife Journal
January, 31, 2012

So we're into the summer season now and with the summer season comes an increase in tropical activity off the east coast of South Africa. These summer cyclones that occur usually don't have an effect on South African weather and tend to move south before approaching the S.A coast line. Rain has been quite a dominant factor this month. Dramatic is an understatement - no two days of the play...

The heavy floods cut-off access to Inyati
January, 23, 2012

Thank you all for the wishes during the floods. The lodge is fine, only the lower deck and our treehouse experienced the wra

th of the Sand river. Luckily the lodge was built above the fifty year floodline.

Our river views have dramatically improved, a beautiful sand bank has formed and the flood has cleared a remarkable amout of vegetation...a silver lining yet!

The game drives continue as...

December December 2011 Wildlife Journal
January, 12, 2012

Wildlife Journal December 2011 by Khimbini...

Hukuri : November 2011 Wildlife Journal
January, 10, 2012

Wildlife Journal November 2011 by Khimbini...

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year.
December, 23, 2011


Meet the Inyati team
December, 15, 2011

At Inyati we pride ourselves on our experienced and skilled team of guides and trackers. Currently, we have four field guides with their trackers, that love sharing their extensive knowledge of the African bush and wildlife and the joy they derive from it.

All our field guides have different passions and interests in the bush, which include birding, tracking, as well as the flora and fauna of...

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