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Rhinos without Borders – A Brilliant Initiative to Fight Against Rhino Poaching
October, 09, 2014

Rhino conservation today is a story of despair as our rhinos are being killed at a rate of one every 9 hours.
Last year over 1,000 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone. We have reached the tipping point where we lose more rhinos to poaching than at which the present population can breed.
We have gone into deficit. Whether it’s 10 years down the line, or slightly longer, the end is...

Safari Awards 2015 Finalists Announced
October, 03, 2014

The votes have been counted and the results are in. You will find a full list of all 2015 finalists here.
At the Judges Conference in London on 12th September Inyati Game Lodge was selected as a Safari Awards Finalist in one or more categories. The overall Africa results will be released at WTM on Sunday night, 2nd November 2015

Inyati Game Lodge - 2015 Finalist Best Safari Guiding...

Thlangisa ‘the playful one’ leopard by Matt
August, 27, 2014

Everybody remembers their first leopard. Mine was in 1992 in the Kruger Park close to Phalaborwa Gate, it was a Christmas day and it was overcast and the leopard was standing next to the car we were in. It was beautiful. I was young but that leopard left an impression on me. It was over a decade later that I would next get a chance at seeing a leopard, it was also the first time I could spend...

Field Guide Update by Matt
July, 31, 2014

Safari Field Guide Update

The last few months have dashed by in a flurry of excitement, although, you need to be forewarned this story is not an easy story to read.

The Selati trio

It is however, part of the bush and it adds to the drama of it all as we realize that in the bush the penalty for pure misfortune often is death. So to start off, it appears that the Selati’s are now gone....

Ranger Diaries – Khaki Fever
June, 03, 2014

Khimbini Hlongwane from Inyati Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand was captivated by animals from an early age.

“Growing up in a village in the eastern Transvaal (now Mpumalanga) got me exposed to wildlife from a young age and I was fascinated by the behaviours of various animals,” he says. “I loved being out there with brothers herding cattle and goats while interacting with wildlife. It...

Rhino Dog Deployed in Sabi Sand Reserve
May, 22, 2014

Sponsored by The Dis-Chem Foundation via Jacaranda’s Purple Rhino Project, Bobby Rhino Dog – a Springer Spaniel – has been successfully deployed in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin

Bobby was trained by the MECHEM Dog Unit and is a detection dog, able to sniff out both rhino horn as well as ammunitions. This combination of scent imprinting is new – traditionally dogs are trained as either...

Safari Update by Matthew Brennan
May, 08, 2014


Over the last few months things have changed dramatically. Firstly the rain has stopped, leaving behind it an ever widening sand river, eroded roads and an ever changing landscape. As we move into winter we are experiencing the very short typical autumn that is common for the sub-tropics. So the bush is starting to turn yellow and brown, and the lovely green is starting to fade into...

Bird Migration by Matthew Brennan
May, 02, 2014

African Stonechat - Altitudinal migrant

Book of Job (39:26) – Doth the hawk fly by Thy wisdom and stretch her wings toward the south?”

Early ornithologists noted changes in the birds based on the different seasons, references to migration date back to 3000 years ago when Aristotle postulated the phenomenon of birds disappearing and reappearing every year at the same time. He noted...

Experience Inyati’s wildlife on a bush walk by Matthew
March, 17, 2014

Walking is my favourite activity on offer in the bush, I feel that you get a much more personal experience and that the special moments come thick and fast. I recently took a walk that holds out for me as one of the most exciting walks I’ve ever been on in a long while. I think I need to give you a bit of background first. Walks tend to be less big animals and more an opportunity to walk in the...

South African Exploration – Brian DeToy & Sheryl Rankin Shafer
February, 07, 2014

South Africa. Few countries have seen such incredible change in recent decades, and yet maintained a sense of continuity, too. The December 2013 death of Nelson Mandela, truly one of the great citizens of the world, once again brought international focus on this magnificent land at the tip of the continent. This past spring we embarked on what we thought might be the travel adventure of our...

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