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Nhlangula / October 2013 Safari Journal by Khimbini Hlongwane
November, 15, 2013

The weather: We have had an amazing Nhlangula / October at Inyati. The comfortable September weather is a distant memory and is replaced by the hot, dry days that give October its reputation as the warmest month of the year. We have experienced quite a few warm days with temperatures reaching highs of 44° c. With the heat we had a few sensational afternoon thunder showers which have caused the...

Ndzhati / September 2013 Safari Journal
October, 26, 2013

The weather: Ndzhati / September saw the mercury rise steadily with midday temperatures reaching the high thirties (Celsius) and the cold winter's mornings of June and July are  behind us. On few occasions, very light showers surprised us and grey thunderclouds threatened but brought little more than a bit of shade. The bush remains dry as a bone and very dusty indeed. The vegetation in general...

October, 22, 2013

As long as there are rhinos, we will keep fighting. There is still hope! Spread the word-the world loses 2-3 rhinos every day. They are killed for a myth-their horn is NOT medicine! Stop the demand, stop the slaughter.



Lion and Buffalo encounters in the Kruger
October, 22, 2013

Mozambique Beach and Bush Tour visits the highlights of Mozambique and includes a visit to the Kruger National Park. The scene for this week’s blog from Dave.

Here is Dave’s account of the Lion encounter in Kruger

“Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19 633 square kilometers in the Northeastern part of South...

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t
October, 22, 2013

To trade or not to trade?  Always a hotbed of debate concerning rhino poaching

But since South Africa is entertaining the idea of a "one-off" sale to sell the current stockpiles of horn, things have taken a dismal turn indeed.

Here are the scenarios: #1) Trade IS allowed as a one-time only option- wetting the appetite of the Asian market, like throwing a chicken into a hungry hoard of...

August / Mhawuri Safari Journal2013
September, 26, 2013

The weather:  August is the month on the cusp between our winter and spring, where the evenings are cool, chilly even and the days varying between warm, to almost hot even and other days with coolness borne on the southerly wind.                      

Wildlife: The wildlife viewing has been of an excellent standard this month. Warmer afternoons were accompanied by an...

Mawuwani / July 2013 Safari Journal
September, 10, 2013

The weather: July brought with it some very chilly winter mornings and evenings but it was worth every second out there in the bush. Hot water bottles and cosy fires have been the order of the day, and blankets have been a most welcome addition to the dinner table. The vegetation continues to thin out, and every day we're able to see further into the bush.

Wildlife: Game viewing this month has...

First photos of the wild dog pups at Inyati
September, 03, 2013

Our first photos of the Wild dog pups! We have only seen six thus far but we will confirm this later as the viewing is still restricted with such small...

Rhino Horn Cures Asians, But What Cures Ignorance
September, 03, 2013

We've seen advertisements and pleas targeting Asian communities to stop using rhino horn.   Famed Chinese NBA player, Yao Ming and Chinese stuntman and actor, Jackie Chan have used their star power to bring awareness to the plight of the rhino in China.

WWF and TRAFFIC are sponsoring adverts being displayed through many different communication channels, including newspapers,...

US Closes Loophole in Horn Trafficking
September, 02, 2013

Finally! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is listing the Southern White Rhino as threatened. This now places ALL rhino species under the umbrella of protection of the Endangered Species Act.

This closes a loophole that has been allowing the exploitation of international rhino horn trafficking. The move will give legal strength to prosecution of offenders.

This comes after President...

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