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At Inyati we pride ourselves on our experienced and skilled team of guides and trackers. Currently, we have four field guides with their trackers, that love sharing their extensive knowledge of the African bush and wildlife and the joy they derive from it.

All our field guides have different passions and interests in the bush, which include birding, tracking, as well as the flora and fauna of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Keith Jenkinson: Inyati General Manager. Keith has a like for the smaller critters
in the bush and the inter relationships between species. Keith is also a keen birder and has an interest in wild flowers. He has a background in conservation management where he started his career. Being on foot in the bush is Keith’s greatest passion.

Keith Jenkinson

Keith Jenkinson FGASA level 3 trails guide Tracker 2 SKS wild flower guide.

Simon George Hlongwane – Georgie is a living legend in the reserve. He was also born on the Inyati property and has been working at Inyati for more than 20 years, this kind of experience means he know the behavior of the individual animals in the reserve as well as they do. George has an uncanny ability to find game and interpret movement of animals in a sighting thus generally placing his guest in a perfect position to view the action. 

George Hlongwane

George Hlongwane FGASA Level 2 trails guide.

Khimbini has more than 10 years’ experience guiding and tracking in the Sabi Sand game reserve. Khimbini was born on Inyati and has extensive local knowledge of the area. He has a very ethical approach to guiding and prides himself in being sensitive to animals and being able to interpret their behavior. Khim is as budding Photographer and his patience and interpretive skills have made for some remarkable images. Khim is able to interpret guest as well as he can interpret the animals he works with, as a result he is very effective at handling guest special needs and creating tailor made guided experience.

Khimbini Hlongwane

Khimbini Hlongwane FGASA Level 2 trails guide Tracker level 3.

Omega has many years of experience guiding in the Greater Kruger National park. He is a vibrant and energetic individual that add s flair to the Inyati guiding team. His passion is people and he always goes the extra mile to  tend to every need his guests may have.

Omega Godi

Omega Godi  FGASA Trails guide level 1, Tracker level 3.

Solly is a tracker extraordinaire. He is one of the few trackers in the industry that scored a perfect 100% percent on his first ever trailing assessment. 

Solly on safari

Solly Sibiya Tracker level 3

Nelson is one of the “old salts” of the bush, he has been at Inyati for over 20 years and has a wealth of local knowledge. Nelson has a happy demeanor and his sense of humor is always a hit with guests.

Nelson Valoi

Nelson Valoi Tracker level 3

Matthew Brennan – Is an enthusiastic birder who takes pleasure in identifying the LBJ’s (little brown jobs). Second too birding is walking as there is no greater thrill than seeing a member of the big 5 on foot without it knowing you are there. Matt comes from the East coast of South Africa and has always wanted to be in the bush, and so as he puts it is, “living the dream”.

Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan

Roger started at Inyati in the service department but has shown great flair for the bush and for tracking. He was given the opportunity to be assessed as a tracker and made full use of the opportunity. Roger is now a fully fledged tracker and part of one of the most successful tracking teams in the reserve.

Roger Hlongwane

Roger Hlongwane

Joel has over 20 years service at Inyati. He has spent many years in the service department and has shown the enthusiasm an calm demeanor of a great tracker.

Joel Mkhabela

Joel Mkhabela 

Lilizela Tourism Awards 2016

Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve – Winner of the Wildlife Encounters category @ the Provincial Lilizela Tourism Awards 2016 – Mpumalanga

Year The Safari Awards :Category W RU 3rd HC F N
2017 Best Community Focused Safari Property          
2017 Best Design          
2017 Best Ecologically Responsible Safari Property          
2017 Best Family Safari Experience          
2017 Best Location          
2017 Best Safari Cuisine          
2017 Best Safari Guiding Team          
2017 Best Value Safari Property          
2017 Best Walking Safari          
2016 Best Design          
2016 Best Location          
2016 Best Safari Guiding Team          
2016 Best Value Safari Property          
2016 Best Walking Safari          
2015 Best Safari Cuisine          
2015 Best Safari Guiding Team      
2015 Best Value Safari Property      
2015 Best Walking Safari      
2014 Best Value Safari Property        
2013 Best Safari Guiding Team  

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